What are the Best Double Wide Floor Plans?

By Jennifer DeSales

In the midst of competition, double wide floor plans become very accessible in a way that they’re sold by several dealers. As a result, it gives convenience to buyers, yet it’s quite difficult to find the best one. With all the factors and considerations to make, it is really challenging to determine the best.

What to Look for in a Double Wide Floor Plan?

Before making the final decision in buying a double wide floor plan, it is best to examine carefully the following:

  1. Style – When looking for the best floor plan, it is important to decide whether to get a customizable or a standard type. Standard types are usually simple and functional yet cheaper as compared to the customizable style. On the other hand, if you want to add or remove some components, you are free to do so in a customizable type. This one is perfect for those who want to follow a certain theme or design for their home.
  2. Materials used – This is one essential consideration to make. For some people, mobile homes are not stable enough due to the fact that they are pre-manufactured.  However, choosing the right materials to use is one way of ensuring durability and longer life span.
  3. Lay out – Basically, double wide floor plans are built by putting two single wide floor plans together. In this case, you may want to check the location of each to ensure that every room is in place. You may also choose the arrangement according to your preferences.

What Your Dealer Should Offer

If you are the type of person who has no idea about mobile houses, it is best to ask for an expert’s advice. Looking for a reputable dealer is one way of ensuring that you will get the best item at a reasonable price. But, how will you do it? To help you, check on these factors:

Reputation – This refers to the background of the dealer particularly in selling mobile houses with double wide floor plans. Is the company notorious or known in this field?

Quality – This is always the priority among buyers. Is the company selling quality products or just one of the many, who do not practice integrity in selling? The quality of a product can’t be assured unless tried, so if it’s your first time, words from previous customers can be of great help.

Prices – There are times when several dealers offer the same quality and possess good reputation. When this makes it hard for buyers to make up their minds, the deciding factor is always the price. Looking for competitive rates is not a bad idea and being able to save a few dollars does matters.

History – This basically determines what the previous customers experience and say about the product or service.  Word of mouth is one good example and an actual encounter with a sales person is definitely considered. Also, try to do a research for your own security.

To determine the best and outstanding double wide floor plan is never an easy task.  However, buyers are always presented with several options. Depending on their preferences, the best floor plan is yet to be decided.

Learn More About Double Wide Mobile Home Floor Plans

By Jennifer DeSales

In spite of the various types of houses available today, there are still a lot of people, who do not own a house.  Due to some reasons, houses for rent are still in demand and preferred by many.  Depending on your need, you may find apartments, condominiums, town houses, and bachelor’s pads readily available for occupancy. If you are lucky enough, you may even find a fully-furnished unit.

On the other hand, having your own home is still the best option. Aside from having the right to it, you can come up with a design of your own. It also feels good to decorate your own house by having a theme.

If you are on a limited budget but still want to have your own house, there is a good option for you. A mobile home or simply known as manufactured home is the best choice at an affordable price. For majority of people who belong to the middle class, mobiles homes are indeed highly recommended.

When opting for mobile homes, there are a few options that a potential owner can choose from. One of which are those with double wide mobile home floor plans. As compared to regular mobile homes, this is more spacious and perfect for big families. It is considered as double wide because it combines two single wide mobile homes.  These two are positioned side by side in order to provide a large area that can house a big family without spending a fortune.

How Does it Look Like?

If you opt for a double wide mobile home, you should expect two divisions of equal sizes in length and width. These sections are both rectangular in shape and arranged in a way that will create one spacious area.  Here, an owner can have a wide kitchen, bathrooms and up to three bedrooms. In addition, some add-ons like fireplace and nicely designed ceilings can be added.

Where to Find Double Wide Mobile Homes?

Since these kinds of houses are popular nowadays, they can be found anywhere. To help you in decision making, it is best to visit various dealers of manufactured homes.  You can also customize a mobile house by choosing personally the kind of construction materials to use, interior design and other factors.

Considerations to Make

While choosing the kind of mobile house is easy, there are some factors that should be considered.

  1. Financing arrangement – Most banks reject to finance the buying of a mobile house. This is for the reason that this kind of house easily depreciates and becomes difficult for the bank to resell if necessary.
  2. Possible hazards – A lot of people may not be aware that mobile houses are not fixed on the ground. Due to this, they get damaged easily during calamities such as typhoons, hurricanes and tornadoes. In addition, aluminum wirings are normally used, which are considered fire hazard.

In our world today, it is just common for people to go for options where they can save some money either in buying a house, car or furniture.  Buying a house is one big decision, so it is important to ensure safety while getting the best price.

Double Wide Mobile Home Floor Plans

By Jennifer DeSales

A double wide mobile home consists of two large structural sections that are combine and bolted together to make one living unit. Just like site built homes, which are constructed upon a foundation on the ground, double wide mobile homes will vary in floor plan from home to home. Due to their unique construction, one section of the double wide may be built with the kitchen and some of the bedrooms and bathrooms, and the other section with the living area and additional bedrooms or bathrooms. If a homeowner specially orders the mobile home, he may be able to choose from a few different floor plans.

The floor plan of any home depends largely on its size, and double wide mobile homes are certainly no exception. While each manufacturer will have its own specifications, there are a few standard sizes in which these types of homes are usually found. Double wide homes are usually between 8 and 16 feet wide, and between 42 and 60 feet long. Most double wide floor plans create a proper rectangle, though in some cases one section of the structure may be slightly longer than the other.Mobile Home Floor Plan

Rooms typically found in a double wide home include multiple bedrooms, often three, and two bathrooms. They also feature a living room and kitchen with a separate eating area. In some cases, the floor plan will also allow for storage areas like a utility or walk-in closet and a kitchen pantry. A mobile home can also have a front porch with awning or other outdoor seating, as well as enclosed parking that is attached to one side of the home.

Sometimes a mobile home will have a push out or slide out feature. This area is a small nook of the home that will push outwards from one side of the home and create a little extra floor space, which might be used for an office or a seating area. When not in use, especially when the home is being moved from one place to another, the push out is collapsed to sit closer to the side of the house.

Many manufactured and mobile homes now include the modern amenities that a homeowner would expect to find in a regular house. For instance, when space permits a high ceiling with skylight might be found, as well as laminate hardwood flooring and even a fireplace.

Since a mobile home may be purchased from a factory, it’s sometimes possible to specify exactly which amenities are used on one’s home, and formerly occupied homes can be modified.

If a family outgrows a mobile home, additional sections may be added on to create a larger floor plan. While not as common, triple or even quadruple wide homes have three or four sections that are bolted together. The addition of these additional sections will of course change the floor plan of the home, adding addition bedrooms and living areas. When a home has more than two sections, the additional pieces are often smaller.

See If a Double Wide Home is the Right Fit for You

By Jennifer DeSales

Are you considering buying a double wide mobile home? If you are, then viewing some floor plans can help you decide if a mobile house is right for you. Floor plans help you visualize the living situation that you will experience in a prospective house. The number of rooms, the size of each room, and the overall design plan must all work to your advantage. It also helps you choose the kind of mobile home that’s the right fit for your needs. By looking at several options, floor plans are able to provide you a visual replica of your new home. These floor plans offer a fantastic preview of a mobile home’s interior and lets you imagine the kind of living space that you will be getting.

Helpful Tips

  • Check the measurements and try to use this data to properly envision the size of each room. There are times when a hallway appears big in the drawing but it is actually smaller than you realize. Knowing the right dimensions is therefore very important in your decision making process as you might end up with a mobile home that has a very small bathroom or kitchen.
  • Now that you’re aware of the size, see if high traffic areas like the kitchen, bathroom and living room can accommodate your needs. Determine how many people will be living in the house and imagine the flow of traffic during busy mornings and late night dinners. Ask yourself where the family usually gathers and spends time together and see if that room is appropriate for your distinct needs.
  • Think if the interior design theme that you’re planning to do can blend well with the mobile home you’re considering. Think about the sofa that you’d like to bring for example, and see if it fits inside the house.

Floor Plans

  • Look at several mobile home floor plans and compare prices with their size, materials used and overall dimensions in mind. This will give you a better idea about the market rate of mobile units.
  • Try to get an actual view of the house before buying it. Even with the correct measurements in mind, walking inside the actual house will further help you decide on whether or not that particular home is the right fit for you.


Floor plans act as a guide and best representation of a home. They’re informative solutions if you’re shopping for a double wide home, yet don’t have the time to go and see each house in the market. Looking at floor plans limits your options while making you more knowledgeable about them. You learn in the process while not tiring yourself by going through every house on foot.