Double Wide Homes – Learn More About Floor Plans

In spite of the various types of houses available today, there are still a lot of people, who do not own a home.

Due to many reasons, houses for rent are still in demand and preferred by majority of people.

Depending on your needs, you may find apartments, condominiums, town houses, and bachelor’s pads readily available for occupancy. If you are lucky enough, you may even find a fully-furnished unit.

On the other hand, having your own home is still the best option. Aside from having the ultimate rights to it, you can also come up with a design of your own.

Double Wide Homes

It also feels good to decorate your own house by having your very own theme.

A Home on a Limited Budget

If you are on a limited budget but still want to have your own house, there is a good option for you. A mobile home or simply known as manufactured home is the best choice at an affordable price. For majority of people who belong to the middle class, mobiles homes are indeed highly recommended.

When opting for mobile homes, there are a few options that a potential owner can choose from. One of which are those with double wide mobile home floor plans. As compared to regular mobile homes, this is more spacious and perfect for big families.

It is considered as double wide because it combines two single wide mobile homes.  These two are positioned side by side in order to provide a large area that can house a big family without spending a fortune.

Example of a floor plan
Floor plan for a single wide


What Does it Look Like?

If you opt for a double wide mobile home, you should expect two divisions of equal sizes in length and width. These sections are both rectangular in shape and arranged in a way that will create one spacious area.

Here, an owner can have a wide kitchen, bathrooms and up to three bedrooms. In addition, some add-ons like fireplace and nicely designed ceilings can be added.

Where to Find Double Wide Mobile Homes?

Since these kinds of houses are popular nowadays, they can be found anywhere. To help you in decision making, it is best to visit various dealers of manufactured homes.

You can also customize a mobile house by choosing personally the kind of construction materials to use, interior design and other factors.

Considerations to Make

While choosing the kind of mobile house is easy, there are some factors that should be considered.

  1. Financing arrangement – Most banks reject to finance the buying of a mobile house. This is for the reason that this kind of house easily depreciates and becomes difficult for the bank to resell if necessary.
  1. Possible hazards – A lot of people may not be aware that mobile houses are not fixed on the ground. Due to this, they get damaged easily during calamities such as typhoons, hurricanes and tornadoes. In addition, aluminum wirings are normally used, which are considered fire hazard.

In our world today, it is just common for people to go for options where they can save some money either in buying a house, car or furniture.  Buying a house is one big decision, so it is important to ensure safety while getting the best price.

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