Who Should Buy New Double Wide Mobile Homes

By Jennifer DeSales

To have your own house is one of the greatest achievements a person can have.

While the excitement is always there, house construction can also bring some worries in terms of costing, effort and time.

So, before one can decide to start a house construction, it is a must to look into some considerations to ensure that options are exhausted.

In establishing a house, it is very common to think whether to build a new one or just buy one that has already been built. Most people would love to have a new house, but not all of them have enough money to make it happen.

wood panel double wide home

This is where new double wide mobile homes come into the scene.  Nowadays, these are good alternatives to modern and expensive houses.


Cheap Double Wide Homes For Sale (…and Where to Find Them)

By Jennifer DeSales

Are you on a tight budget for your house? Are you starting to feel the pressure since you are only limited to a certain amount? Do you really want to move in to your own house as soon as possible?

If your answers are all yes, you definitely need some help in finding an affordable mobile house.

Not all people can afford to have a house construction, but all people would want to have a house of their own.

However, this is one goal that is very hard to accomplish, especially if you are only a regular worker, only earning enough to live.

mobile home for sale

If you really want to own a house, there’s always a way to attain this goal. You may not have the usual site-built house, but you can definitely own a mobile house.  With all the available dealers and sellers, you will surely find cheap double wide mobile homes for sale.

But the question is where to start looking? (more…)

Should I Buy Used or New Double Wide Homes?

By Jennifer DeSales

With every product that we buy, it is common to get confused about all the options available in terms of brand, style, material used and other factors.

Aside from that, some products offer pre-owned or used versions as an alternative.

In fact, the use of pre-owned items is now becoming popular in some countries due to economic reasons.

Most people always prefer to buy brand new items because of the issues of quality and preferences.  While for some, it is not bad at all to take advantage of used or second-hand items as long as they are still in good condition.

Used but Modern mobile home

By the way, would you go for the new double wide homes or would a slightly used one is good enough for you?


Used Verses New Double-Wide Mobile Homes

By Jennifer DeSales

There is a lot to think about when you are considering making a purchase of a new double-wide mobile homes.

There is also a lot to consider if your deciding whether to buy your trailer home new or pick up a used one.

Hopefully we can look at some points for both sides, so you can make the best informed decision about your purchase.

Buying your trailer home new can be exciting.

New! Everything in the interior is brand new, shiny and clean! Nothing on the exterior would need additional work as well.

New Double-Wide Mobile Homes

Used! You can make Big dollar savings, and you will get a chance to do some remodeling, that could also save you over a new purchase.

Either way a double wide trailer home is a much more affordable option then a traditional built home.

Let’s get into more detail. (more…)

Where To Find Double Wide Mobile Homes For Sale

By Jennifer DeSales

There are many options and floor plans available if your are searching for double wide mobile homes for sale.

Manufactured mobile homes are increasing in popularity because of more energy-efficient building materials. The result is a better living space for your money.

Double wide mobile homes have become popular home owner choices over the years.

While originally they were thought to be poorly manufactured or cookie cutter in design, which is simple not true.

The new models are equipped with reinforced construction and modern design options.

Used Trailer at holiday parks

Whether you are looking to purchase a new model or a used model, it pays to shop around to find the best floor plan and the best location for your needs.


How Big Are Double Wide Mobile Homes?

By Jennifer DeSales

A double wide mobile home is manufactured in a factory and then moved to a piece of land once complete.

This obviously differs from a site built home, which is constructed right on a piece of land and has a foundation that extends into the ground.

Standard sized mobile homes are often referred to as trailers and offer only limited space. As a result, many homeowners or renters will choose to occupy a double wide unit.

Double wide units are, as you can guess, are twice as wide as a regular single wide mobile home. Creating a double wide is accomplished by taking two sections that are standard size and physically bolting them together to create one home. Double-Wide Mobile Homes

This of course creates more space for the resident, and allows the mobile home to look more like a site built home than a single trailer. Most double wides are rectangular in shape once constructed. In some cases, a third section or even a fourth section may be added to create a much larger home. (more…)

How To Find Double Wide Trailers For Sale

By Jennifer DeSales

If you are considering buying a manufactured home in the near future, then there is a good chance that you are looking into double wide trailers as an option.

After all, these are among the most popular types of manufactured homes and they are ideal for the average family in terms of size, number of rooms, and sale price.

Manufactured homes allow owners to get more bang for their buck in terms of the features that the home has to offer for the low price, especially in comparison to traditional construction homes.


For example, even a high-end, brand new double wide typically does not exceed $80,000.


Find Local Double Wides For Sale

By Jennifer DeSales

Are you interested in finding double wide homes for sale in the near future?

If so, then you may have already been approved for your home mortgage and you are now just looking for the manufacturer and the site that is just right for you.

Of course, finding your dream home is always the hardest part of the process.

First of all, you need to decide whether you want to buy new or used, as each has a different process entailed.

Double-Wide Trailer


Affordable Home Solutions – All With Decent Living Spaces

By Jennifer DeSales

Do you need a house yet don’t want to spend a fortune for it? If you do, then double wide homes or manufactured houses are excellent options in providing yourself a decent residence at an inexpensive cost.

Double wide homes prices vary and greatly depend on the size and features of the unit. The designs range from small and narrow houses to spacious structures with carefully planned layouts and some surprising amenities.

More expensive trailer houses may feature cathedral ceilings and even walk in closets for your living pleasure. Some are also equipped with recessed lighting and skylights for a modern and stylish atmosphere.


These homes are definitely less expensive yet are able to incorporate style especially with contemporary versions. You’re also offered a comfy living set up that’s conducive to starting a family.

Double Wide Trailer Homes

By Jennifer DeSales

Great Dwelling Place That’s Very Affordable

The home is where the heart is, so they say; and any house can be a home no matter how it looks or how it is built. If you’re looking for a house that’s cheap yet decent, then a double wide trailer is a fantastic option.

These houses may not be grand but offer a modest place to live for families who simply cannot afford to buy luxurious homes. For about $40,000, you can already get yourself a nice looking double wide trailer.

Families can be able to raise their children in lovely homes with backyards while not spending too much money. You also get an instant house with very minimal waiting time as trailer homes are prefabricated and sold ready-made by dealers.

Double Wide Trailer

Start shopping for a trailer home today and experience the comforts of home with very little expense. (more…)