Find Out More About Double Wide Trailer Prices

When you are looking for a mobile home or trailer home that feels more like a very traditional single family home, often times you want a bargain while still searching to get more space for your money.

When you want a mobile home with more living space, most people would want to consider double wide trailer prices in their home search.

Although this popular type of housing still tends to be slightly smaller than regular homes, the cost overall is generally much lower per square foot than a brick and mortar built home.

This allows many people in today’s tough economy to still own their own home without all of the high costs that are normally associated with buying a home instead of renting.

Double Wide Trailer Prices


There is not any doubt that deciding to live in a mobile home as your main residence is a much cheaper way of life. Often times you can buy a new mobile home from as little as $40,000. For the amount of space you get for that price, it is often well worth the investment.

You should also keep in mind that these kinds of home prices may also vary from state to state. Often this price varies because in some states trailers are more common places of residence.

So if you happen to live or are moving to a state where they are more popular and present, then you will usually pay less when you are going to buy.

Also, many different mobile home and trailer home companies have models with different square footages and price tags.

Another thing that you should keep in mind as you are looking to buy is that the more land that the mobile home or trailer is sitting on that is purchased by the owner, the more the mobile home is worth or will cost.

Another factor that can affect the price is whether or not a home of this type is over ten years old. At this point the value of this particular residence will have gone as low as it can.

Many homes of this variety will cost you no more than a few thousand dollars after ten years.

This is great for someone who would be willing to put in a little time to refurbish the home and then get it at a much lower price point.

Ultimately, double wide trailer prices are a very affordable investment and are a great way to own a home without all of the extra cost to your family.

Prices can vary from state to state as well as price differences can be seen from different sellers and manufacturers.

The best piece of advice you should remember is to always comparison shop before you buy. The make and model of the mobile home, much like a car, can also impact the pricing of a home.

It is important for you to do some price comparison in order to find the right model for yourself and your own unique needs.

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