Used Double Wide Homes – Where to Find the Best Deals

By Jennifer DeSales

The idea of using pre-loved or used items is now becoming very popular.

More and more people opt to buy second hand items especially if they are on a tight budget.

It wouldn’t really hurt to use second hand items as long as the items are still in good condition and do not involve health risks.

Aside from clothes, there are several items that can now be reused such as toys, appliances, furniture, equipment and vehicles.

Used, pre-owned or second hand items are available not only in the United States, but also in other parts of the world.

Used Static Single Wide Holiday Home

If you are planning for a house construction, but on a very tight budget, you don’t have to worry since you do have some options.

For the lowest cost possible, you may choose a pre-owned mobile house, which is practical yet serves its purpose.

But, where can you find the best deals on used double wide mobile homes? Here are a few ideas. (more…)

Cheap Double Wide Homes For Sale (…and Where to Find Them)

By Jennifer DeSales

Are you on a tight budget for your house? Are you starting to feel the pressure since you are only limited to a certain amount? Do you really want to move in to your own house as soon as possible?

If your answers are all yes, you definitely need some help in finding an affordable mobile house.

Not all people can afford to have a house construction, but all people would want to have a house of their own.

However, this is one goal that is very hard to accomplish, especially if you are only a regular worker, only earning enough to live.

mobile home for sale

If you really want to own a house, there’s always a way to attain this goal. You may not have the usual site-built house, but you can definitely own a mobile house.  With all the available dealers and sellers, you will surely find cheap double wide mobile homes for sale.

But the question is where to start looking? (more…)

Double Wide Homes – Learn More About Floor Plans

By Jennifer DeSales

In spite of the various types of houses available today, there are still a lot of people, who do not own a home.

Due to many reasons, houses for rent are still in demand and preferred by majority of people.

Depending on your needs, you may find apartments, condominiums, town houses, and bachelor’s pads readily available for occupancy. If you are lucky enough, you may even find a fully-furnished unit.

On the other hand, having your own home is still the best option. Aside from having the ultimate rights to it, you can also come up with a design of your own.

Double Wide Homes

It also feels good to decorate your own house by having your very own theme. (more…)

The Best Steps To Finding Used Double Wide Mobile Homes

By Jennifer DeSales

For those looking for used double wide mobile homes this post is for you.

We’ll show you that there are critical places to look and steps that can be taken to increase the odds of successfully finding great used mobile homes.

If you like most buyers, you will want to get the most for your money, but at the same time not end up buying someone else’s problems.

To do that, you must cast the widest net possible in any search.

Buying a used trailer

Let’s start with where used double wide trailers for sale can be found.


Are Double-Wide Mobile Homes Right For Me?

By Jennifer DeSales

Mobile homes are considered to be a more affordable alternative to the more traditional form of home ownership.

Double-wide mobile homes may vary in size, but on average they are 20 feet or more wide and 90 feet long and are usually built in a factory before being taken to it’s final location.

These types of homes are usually split in to half pieces during transportation and then are put back together in to one solid piece when they reach the buyer’s final location.

Double-Wide Mobile Homes


When it reaches the final site residents can move in.

Possibly the most commonly shared and most obvious reasons most people decide to live in a mobile home,  is because it is much cheaper and more affordable than an average home.


Where To Find Double Wide Mobile Homes For Sale

By Jennifer DeSales

There are many options and floor plans available if your are searching for double wide mobile homes for sale.

Manufactured mobile homes are increasing in popularity because of more energy-efficient building materials. The result is a better living space for your money.

Double wide mobile homes have become popular home owner choices over the years.

While originally they were thought to be poorly manufactured or cookie cutter in design, which is simple not true.

The new models are equipped with reinforced construction and modern design options.

Used Trailer at holiday parks

Whether you are looking to purchase a new model or a used model, it pays to shop around to find the best floor plan and the best location for your needs.


How Big Are Double Wide Mobile Homes?

By Jennifer DeSales

A double wide mobile home is manufactured in a factory and then moved to a piece of land once complete.

This obviously differs from a site built home, which is constructed right on a piece of land and has a foundation that extends into the ground.

Standard sized mobile homes are often referred to as trailers and offer only limited space. As a result, many homeowners or renters will choose to occupy a double wide unit.

Double wide units are, as you can guess, are twice as wide as a regular single wide mobile home. Creating a double wide is accomplished by taking two sections that are standard size and physically bolting them together to create one home. Double-Wide Mobile Homes

This of course creates more space for the resident, and allows the mobile home to look more like a site built home than a single trailer. Most double wides are rectangular in shape once constructed. In some cases, a third section or even a fourth section may be added to create a much larger home. (more…)

How To Find The Best Mobile Homes

By Jennifer DeSales

If you are currently looking to buy a mobile home, then you are not alone. With the home prices dropping and cost of living, today is not a bad time to save for the real estate investment. Just think about buying a mobile home. Mobile home is also known as manufactured home. It refers to a residential structure that has the ability to be moved from one place to another. Originally called trailer homes, modern mobile homes are more beautiful and intricate in their designs. Some mobile homes look no different than traditional brick and mortar homes to the others.

Mobile Homes Today

Today’s mobile homes can be just as attractive and spacious as a regular home. There are mobile homes that feature amenities like central heating and air conditioning, whirlpool tubs, wall-to-wall carpeting and much more. The cost of mobile homes can range from affordable to exaggerate. Factors that affect the price are size, location, quality and age of the home. There are typically 2 kinds of mobile homes. The first one is the singlewide, while the second one is the doublewide. When assembled, singlewide mobile homes are approximately 16 ft in width, while the doublewide mobile homes are more than 24 ft in width. A singlewide mobile home consists of single pieces to be transported to the site through truck trailers. A doublewide mobile home has two parts to be fixed on the site.

Finding the Best Mobile Home

When you are currently planning to buy a mobile home, you need to ensure the features you want. After sticking on the specifications, you must search and go ahead through many homes, so you will have a higher chance of getting what you want. You should get as much information as possible. You can go through the pictures and check out information, such as any repairs and maintenance. There are a lot of places to look for when buying a mobile home. You can start browsing at the classified ads, both online sites (Craigslist or eBay) and local newspaper. You can also check your local yellow pages since many mobile home companies sell new or used mobile homes. Searching for a manufactured home is only part of the process.

Things to Consider 

Finding the best mobile home cannot only be determined through searching. You also need to consider knowing the actual value of the mobile home. Since manufactured homes lose value or depreciate more quickly, you will come to realize that the home is not worth the asking price. You can ask the manufactured home dealership or local bank for this information.

If you are planning on keeping the manufactured home where it stays, you need an approval by the mobile home park where the home is to be found. Make sure you do that before buying the mobile home, or else you are forced to move. You also need to check the park itself to know if you want to stay.